Important Facts On Mayoclinic Diet Program

There are many people who just think that eating less and exercising more can bring about weight loss. To some extent this is right, but to lose weight you need to know the way of doing it. The Mayo Clinic Diet Program is really a thumbs-up diet plan which teaches how to lose weight by adopting simple tools and by making easy lifestyle changes. The diet program by Mayo Clinic is a very realistic approach to losing weight whereby the dieter eats healthy and lives an active lifestyle. There are some interesting facts on this diet plan you need to know.

You cannot set unrealistic goals

The Mayo Clinic Diet Program is a time tested way of losing weight but a dieter cannot set unrealistic goals. One cannot expect to lose 10 pounds in the initial days. You may expect to lose just 1% of your weight in the first week of properly following the diet plan. Apart from this, in the first week, it is just the fluid loss and not fat loss.

The Mayo Clinic Diet Plan is for long term weight loss

The Mayo Clinic Diet Program is not just a diet plan to help you shed kilos and get back to shape. It is template to assist the dieters adopt a healthy lifestyle. This helps in long lasting weight control and management. Indeed, this diet plan is a standout among the various other diet plans in the market.

Reasons for choosing this diet plan

  • The diet plan is prepared by medical experts
  • You enjoy a variety of food items that are featured in the food pyramid. They mainly include fruits and vegetables
  • You learn the ways to healthy lifestyle
  • If you do not want to be too precise in counting calories
  • If you want a diet which may be followed all throughout the life

The Mayo Clinic Diet Program helps to lose weight in a scientific manner

Developed by Mayo Clinic Researchers and clinicians, the diet plan is safe, effective and time-tested. It emphasizes on eating healthy food items while remaining active for the rest of the time. Changing lifestyle and adopting healthier habits are the sure shot way to losing weight. Read more at