It is no more difficult to lose weight if you eat healthy. The Mayo Clinic Diet Book is the brilliant book which gives you direction how to eat right and lose weight in a healthy manner. You will find a lot many food recipes, diet tips and the unique ways to lose weight. As per the Mayo Clinic Diet, the fad diet has been inspiring experts to come up with healthy weight loss plans that are a sure shot way to losing weight. This diet is all about diet which is low-carb and high fat diet plan capitalizing on the fat burning capability of grape fruit.

Basics about MayoClinic Diet

Here in the Mayo Clinic Diet, the dieters follow the plan closely for 12 continuous days and then take a break for 2 days and then again follow it for the next 10 weeks. Mayo Clinic diet is meant for obese people as it can help shed 50-60 pounds of weight. The diet plan is scientifically sound and is the healthy approach to losing weight and a long term weight management. This plan revolves around making lifestyle changes and assisting the obese to lose weight in a healthy manner. Here the dieter adopts healthy ways of living life and implements them forever. The dieter eats as per the Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Weight Pyramid whereby he/she gets to know about the quantity of food to consume from each group.

Mayo clinic Diet: a healthy way to lose weight

There are different food groups in Healthy Weight Pyramid where the person is to make food choices. But, the quantity is prescribed to help him reach the calorie goal. The dieter is to follow the diet plan closely and is required to adopt an active lifestyle. He is prescribed exercises and is asked to adopt healthy habits. The health goals set here are realistic and achievable. Alcohol, sweets and artificial sweeteners are not allowed.

Sample of food for 1200 calorie intake

The Mayo Clinic Diet recommends one to consume 1200 calories per day on an average. A person can have 4 servings of vegetables a day or 3 servings of fruits. Other options include 4 servings of whole grains or smart carbs per day or 3 servings of reduced fat dairy product.

In the initial stage of following the Mayo Clinic Diet, an individual focuses on healthier lifestyle. He/she is given regular breakfast and the daily dose of fruits and veggies. Items like sugary foods, sweets are not allowed. Disciplined eating helps to accomplish weight loss goals. Read more at or